Wed, Sep 14, 2016

New Mercedes-AMG convertible to debut in Paris

Mercedes-AMG is expected to launch a new AMG GT convertible at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in France.

A 15-second video teaser released on the AMG Instagram page and youtube shows a car that looks a like a roadster version of its AMG GT sports car. 

The new car is expected to debut at the Paris Motor Show, which opens on October 1 in Paris, France.

AMG is the sports-car division of Mercedes, like BMW’s M.

Various reports incidate that the car could be called the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster, and will likely churn out 456-hp from a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 brought over from the standard AMG GT coupe. 

It car is expected to have a fabric roof rather than a retractable hardtop.


The teaser comes hot on the heels of the launch of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic Coupé earlier this month which is said to combine agility, elegance and everyday practicality.

The GLC 43 4Matic Coupé combines a sporty, elegant design with the brand's hallmark driving performance and the advantages of an SUV in terms of seating position, interior flexibility and also traction off the beaten track. 

Its 270 kW (367 hp) 3.0litre V6 biturbo engine, the automatic transmission 9GTronic with shortened shift times and the AMG Performance 4Matic all-wheel drive configured with a rear bias form the basis for an especially dynamic on-road driving experience. 

A significant contribution is also made here by the independent sports suspension based on the multi-chamber air suspension system Air Body Control with adaptive damping adjustment. Additionally, the GLC 43 4Matic Coupé also enables occasional off-road excursions to be undertaken: the ground clearance can be increased at the touch of a button, and the pneumatic all-round self-levelling ensures a constant vehicle level at all times.   

"The new GLC 43 4Matic Coupé is characterised by a high level of agility and sporty driving dynamics. With its expressive design and high everyday practicality the coupé is able to appeal to new target audiences,” says Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of MercedesAMG. 

The SUV coupé fulfils a very wide variety of tasks with style: the unmistakable design stands out from the crowd without being overpowering, the sports car-like performance reveals the coupé to be a thoroughbred performance car, and the convenience settings selectable at the touch of a button make it a reliable companion whatever the conditions. The car accelerates from zero to 100 kmph in 4.9 seconds and its speed is electronically governed at 250 kmph.


Earlier in June this year, MercedesAMG unveiled the AMG GT R, saying that it had never before packed so much motorsport technology into a production vehicle than into the new model, the third in the AMG GT family. 

The road-going sports car has a front-mid-engine concept with transaxle, twin turbo V-8 engine rated at 430 kW/585 hp, extensively modified suspension, new aerodynamics and intelligent lightweight construction.

All this combines for an “especially dynamic driving experience”. 

The “AMG green hell magno” paintwork leaves no doubt as to the sports car's origin, having spent most of its development time in the "Green Hell" of the Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. 

Wider front and rear wings allow an increased track width for optimum grip and even higher cornering speeds. 

The new front fascia with active elements, the large rear aerofoil and the new rear fascia with double diffuser enhance aerodynamic efficiency and help ensure optimum grip. 

The lightweight forged wheels shod with cup tyres as standard are likewise designed for maximum driving dynamics. The same applies to other new features such as the active rear-wheel steering, the nine-way adjustable traction control system and the adjustable coil-over suspension with additional electronic control. 

Also, the new AMG Panamericana grille emphasises the unique standing of the car. Its characteristic form with vertical fins celebrated its world première on the MercedesAMG GT3 customer-sport racing car and now for the first time features on an AMG production vehicle. 

"With the new AMG GT R, we have reached the next level of driving performance. This road-going sports car with motor-racing genes and innovative technical solutions offers an ultimate driving experience that allows people to feel our motorsport origins in every fibre. It combines the driving dynamics of our AMG GT3 racing car with the everyday practicality of the AMG GT. Those with petrol in their veins will be thrilled by the radical longitudinal and lateral acceleration, the precise turn-in, and the sensational grip. We have modified all performance-relevant components and linked them together intelligently for maximum driving dynamics,” said Moers.

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