Wed, Mar 8, 2017

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AMAC Aerospace has its hands full

AMAC Aerospace of Switzerland got off to a busy start in 2017 with all its hangars filled, winning and executing several contracts in the months of January and February.

Last month AMAC redelivered a Boeing Business Jet 737-900 aircraft after several minor and major modifications. 

In order to provide high speed connectivity, which allows all passengers to work online as seamlessly in the air as they do on the ground, AMAC installed a KA Band Satcom system on the privately owned BBJ3 aircraft. 

AMAC’s engineers have developed an EASA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for carrying out this major modification on the business jet and enabling the best connectivity on board. In addition, several minor cabin modifications were performed. As a result, the noise level of a part of the cabin has been reduced to ensure the highest comfort for all passengers.

“Our engineering department has already developed several STCs for the KA band Satcom installation on business jets, as there is a strong demand of high speed connectivity in the business aviation market. With our strong engineering and mechanical expertise, we are delighted to carry out a growing number of these modifications on the private jets of our esteemed clientele,” commented AMAC’s Group Chief Operating Officer Bernd Schramm.

AMAC Aerospace also signed several maintenance agreements in February extending its partnership with existing and new aircraft owners and operators.

One maintenance contract was awarded to AMAC to perform a heavy C-Check package in conjunction with cabin works and a landing gear overhaul on an Airbus A320 aircraft.

A new operator from China selected its Basel facility for a maintenance programme along with minor cabin modifications on his Boeing BBJ 1 aircraft. 

“We are delighted that our expertise is well known and appreciated by our Asian clients and we will further strengthen our position in the Chinese market,” said Alexis Ott, Senior Manager Sales & Key Account, AMAC Aerospace.

Another maintenance contract on a BBJ 1 was signed with a new European operator which included a C-Check with some major aircraft system rectifications to be carried out. Following a heavy maintenance check on a B737 Classic aircraft, AMAC’s experts will also perform structural repair work on the fuselage of the B737 Classic. This structural repair work will be carried out in a close partnership with Boeing.

Earlier in January, AMAC Aerospace revealed it had started the first quarter of 2017 with several new maintenance programmes on privately owned Boeing BBJ and Airbus A319 aircraft.

The January work and contracts included:

• A cabin oxygen system to be replaced from a liquid to a chemical system in conjunction with an annual maintenance check on a BBJ 1 aircraft.

• A maintenance check which includes A, B1 and B2 checks on a BBJ 2 aircraft.

• A contract from an existing customer to carry out C1, C2 and C4 checks along with a landing gear overhaul on a privately-owned BBJ 2 aircraft under consideration of a reduced ground time in order to minimize the operational costs.

• A contract from a new customer who brought his BBJ 3 to undergo a C1 check in Basel.

• A contract from Asian client to perform a C1 check, service bulletins as well as cabin interior work on an A319 aircraft.

• Two A319 aircraft for annual inspections.

• A contract from a new customer for a C-Check on an A319.

“We were delighted to start 2017 with filled hangars and are thankful that our highest quality standards and tailored maintenance services are appreciated by our esteemed customers as well as recognised by new customers from all regions worldwide,” said Mauro Grossi, Group Chief Financial Officer, AMAC Aerospace.

“Seeing a variety of different business jets entering again or even entering for the first time our facility in Basel, shows that all our efforts that we have performed over the last 10 years are paying off, and we, as a privately owned company, have achieved a high standing reputation and market position,” added Schramm.

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