Mon, Mar 20, 2017

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Chrome gets a new interpretation

Azzaro’s classic Chrome fragrance can now be rediscovered in a new interpretation called Chrome Pure, which promises “moments of pure emotion”.

The French brand’s founder Loris Azzaro’s close relationship with his grandson Romain and love of the Mediterranean Sea were the sources of his inspiration for the original fragrance. 

Now, Chrome Pure reconnects with these two major inspirations: the ties between a father and his son, and the sense of escapism conveyed by Chrome’s iconic freshness.

In the tradition of Chrome, Chrome Pure focuses on the bond between a father and his son witnessed during spontaneous moments, instances when time seems to stand still, magical everyday interludes that stay with you for the rest of your life, the house says.

The new perfume is a citrus-oriental-woody fragrance in which Akigala wood, an imaginary wood with spicy-woody accents, and tonka bean join the white musks and mate leaves of the original version.

Created by perfumers Jacques Huclier and Olivier Pescheux, Chrome Pure is a crisp fragrance, synonymous with purity, combined with a real feeling of vibrant freshness and strength, structured around three sun-kissed moments: dawn, zenith and dusk.

The azure blue of Chrome’s bottle makes way for immaculate white, capturing all of the purity inspired by its eponymous name.

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