Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
Winch Design rolls out new VLJ concept

The Aviation Team at Winch Design are busy putting their years of experience and talent for designing unique VVIP bizliners into personalised offerings to the Very Large Jet (VLJ) sector.

Jim Dixon, Head of Aviation, commented: “Many of our clients operate multiple aircraft from several location bases and for different flight plans. They want to have a consistency of design quality and elegance throughout their fleet – in their helicopter and business jet as well as their B787 for long haul. We can also see that the top end of the business jet sector is increasingly aspiring to the same level of individuality and customisation typical to larger private bizliners. It may be a smaller ‘vehicle’ but there’s no reason why the environment should be any less appealing.”

The focus is on creating a bespoke interior rather than using the standard “private jet” model. Using a colour palette and materials normally found in a residence (on the ground!) rather than in the sky, Winch Design expertly caters for clients who want a seamless transition from home to plane, to yacht. Our philosophy offers a standardised layout but a bespoke interior fit.

This project is aimed at a younger client who uses the jet for business and leisure travel, but who doesn’t want a typically ‘vanilla’ jet interior. Two different schemes are inspired by iconic watch brands – the striking Hublot watch and a more classic Omega.

The Hublot styling is masculine, sporty and slick. The watch is black and rose gold and this palette has inspired the interior, with metallised veneers, textures and matte finishes.

The Omega styling is elegant and more classic – maybe aimed at a slightly older client who wants a timeless and less masculine interior. Using materials such as shagreen, butter soft leather and cashmere in a classic colour palette of neutrals and blues.

“We have developed several concept signatures with different client personalities in mind. Our clients appreciate that we have a varied portfolio; our incentive is always to create something personal, reflecting the Owner’s individual character and lifestyle,” said Dixon.

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