Wed, Nov 15, 2017

Bentley brings stunning Grand Convertible by Mulliner

Bentley is showcasing today (November 15) a highly exclusive coach-built model, the Grand Convertible by Mulliner, at a private customer event at Bentley Emirates, Dubai.

With just 19 examples of this luxurious open-top Grand Tourer available to order from Bentley’s coachbuilding and personal commissioning division, Mulliner, its collectability and rarity are guaranteed, says Bentley.

Breathtaking yet understated, and fashioned entirely by hand from the finest materials, this elegant convertible represents the ultimate in powerful, sensuous open-top motoring.

Stefan Sielaff, Director of Bentley Design and Mulliner, said: “The Grand Convertible by Mulliner will appeal to automotive connoisseurs seeking the ultimate in prestige and exclusivity.

“I want to explore more one-off vehicles and limited runs like this where the only limitation is the imagination of the customer. Design and personal commissioning will go hand-in-hand and when that is the case, extraordinary things happen.”

The inspiration for the number of Grand Convertibles to be built - just 19 - celebrates the year that Bentley was founded, 1919.

Graceful, Refined and Exquisite

The graceful form of the Grand Convertible by Mulliner is an elegant fusion of design modernity and coach-built elegance, its sculpted lines and muscular haunches conveying a sense of power and movement.

In profile, the sculptural elegance of the open-top flagship is at its most striking, with the stand-alone A-pillar cutting upwards at a rakish angle from the long, imposing bonnet. The impact of this luxurious design is further enhanced with the customers’ choice of duo-tone paintwork.

With the roof down, the handcrafted tonneau is revealed. Book-matched and mirror-finished, the tonneau features the largest piece of wood veneer ever applied to a Bentley. Fashioned entirely by hand, this veneer is only paralleled by the creations of the world’s best furniture makers, and is finished with elegant parallel lines of chromed steel.

The wheels hint at the enormous power and torque that wait under the bonnet. With 537 PS (530 bhp / 395 kW) and 1,100 Nm (811 lb.ft) of torque from Bentley’s legendary 6¾-litre twin-turbo V8 engine of the flagship Mulsanne, the Grand Convertible by Mulliner offers the luxury of effortless performance to match its unparalleled style.

The spacious yet intimate cabin design is inspired by luxurious, high-performance power boats. “With its unrivalled combination of contemporary design, sumptuous materials and painstaking attention to detail, the Grand Convertible by Mulliner reinforces Bentley’s position as the undisputed benchmark in handcrafted automotive luxury,” says the company.

Each Grand Convertible will be created in close consultation with its owner, developing both the interior and exterior style to their exacting requirements, using on the finest of materials and processes. The interior of the Grand Convertible will be a particular showcase for the abilities of Mulliner’s master craftsmen and trim specialists, it adds.

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