Mon, Mar 6, 2017

Aston Martin’s new hypercar named Valkyrie

Aston Martin’s revolutionary new hypercar has been named the Aston Martin Valkyrie. 

The revolutionary car, developed by the British carmaker and Red Bull Advanced Technologies was previously codenamed AM-RB 001.

The new name is drawn from Norse mythology: the Valkyrie - literal translation from Old Norse being “Chooser of the slain” - are female figures who select who may live and who may die in battle. The Valkyrie then bring half of those slain on the battlefield to Valhalla; the afterlife governed by Odin, Ruler of the Gods.

The name also continues a fine tradition of Aston Martin ‘V’ cars. 

This began back in 1951 with Vantage, which was selected as a name to distinguish high performance variants of the then current model, the DB2. Boasting 125 bhp versus 105 bhp for the standard engine, the Vantage represented a significant increase in performance and desirability. The first time the Vantage badge appeared was on the side of the DB5.

It remained a name reserved for the most potent model derivatives until 2005, when the Vantage became a model line in its own right. 

Twelve years later the acclaimed family of V8 and V12-powered models has made the Vantage the most successful model in Aston Martin’s history.

Virage, Vanquish and the Aston Martin Vulcan – Aston Martin’s very own God of fire – are more recent ‘V’ cars to continue this lineage. 

Now, seven decades after the Vantage name started it all, the Aston Martin Valkyrie propels this uniquely distinctive and lyrical family of model names to another level.

For Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Office, Marek Reichman, Valkyrie perfectly captures the drama of what is not only the ultimate Aston Martin, but the ultimate expression of hypercar design, engineering and performance: “Aston Martin model names have deep meaning. They need to inspire and excite. To tell a story and enrich a narrative that stretches back some 104-years. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an incredibly special car that demands an equally remarkable name; an uncompromising car that leaves nothing in reserve. The connotations of power and honour, of being chosen by the Gods are so evocative, and so pertinent to a car that only a fortunate few will ever experience.”   

While its name is rooted in ancient mythology, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is a pure expression of modern technology. By bringing together Aston Martin, Red Bull Advanced Technologies, project partner AF Racing and some of the world’s leading technology partners, the new car promises otherworldly performance befitting of its name.  

The Valkyrie will be powered by a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine paired with a hybrid battery system. 

The engine, which will feature in all 150 road-going versions of the Valkyrie, will be paired with a seven-speed paddle-shift gearbox. All models have all been sold at an estimated £2million each and first deliveries will begin in 2019, according to reports.

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