Sun, Apr 16, 2017

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Embraer launches two luxury jet concepts

Embraer has revealed two luxury jet concepts that showcase the glamour of the 1920s and 1930s and draw their inspiration from the SS Normandie — a French ocean liner that epitomised the period's Art Deco style.

Created by the company’s vice president of interior design, Jay Beever, in partnership with former Disney Imagineer, Eddie Sotto, each plane embodies a key Deco destination. Outfitted in rich mahogany with gold and brass accents, the Manhattan Airship boasts a metallic entry mural meant to emulate the Leif Neandross-designed work in the lobby of the Empire State Building, along with a lounge and bar modeled on the Chrysler Building.

In contrast, the Hollywood Airship—inspired by black-and-white film—is a toast to Tinseltown, featuring backlit crystal structures, marble detailing, and 3D sculpted leather reliefs depicting Sunset Tower, Howard Hughes’ flying boat (the “Spruce Goose”), and a handful of iconic cars from the 1930s.

Beever and Sotto bonded over the thrill of resurrecting the art deco designs found in the buildings, furniture, jewellery, cars and ocean liners of the 1920s and 1930s, with the Normandie cruise liner providing specific inspiration to the project. Intensive research generated specific interest in famous art deco destinations, including Manhattan and Hollywood, leading the way for captivating storylines pertinent to the private aviation experience.

With that, the team breathed life into a concept that would bring the thrill back to flying and give passengers a reason to dress up - namely a chic air shuttle, capable of connecting the art deco cities that inspired the concept in the first place.

The effort includes two designs. The Manhattan, featuring deep, rich woods, is the embodiment of the Empire State Building crossed with the Rainbow Room, whereas the Hollywood has a bright, silver screen appeal. This balance of dark and light materials characterises the relationship between East Coast and West Coast styles. While the aircraft have similar configurations and design aesthetics, the designs are polarizing but with a playful balance.

The Lineage 1000E is the ideal canvas for this shuttle aircraft, with roots in commercial aviation accounting for superior reliability, operating costs and space. The aircraft’s five cabin zones have been configured to create the ultimate adult playground. Unlike most business jets, you don’t board the plane at the galley. In fact, all crew resources have cleverly been moved to the back of the plane, out of site.

Guests entering the plane are greeted in a plush lounge, complete with art and architecture that set the mood for the journey. The first cabin zone, the Cloud Bar, features striking fold-up bar stools and an Embraer-exclusive portrait view window. The living space is ripe for a party with a variety of club seating options. Only the most exclusive guests are invited back to the private Crystal Room, capable of hosting a refined dining experience for up to six passengers.

In true Embraer fashion, the Manhattan and the Hollywood feature a unique blend of form and function. The Lineage 1000E exceeds every expectation in terms of utility, demonstrating Embraer’s unique expertise, via a bespoke experience on a traditionally commercial route. Simply put, these aircraft are intended to make the journey fun again.

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