Sun, Jul 23, 2017

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Romain Jerome gets in Sape for summer

RJ Romain Jerome’s new Steampunk Urban Safari collection pays tribute to the seventies and a provocative African fashion movement.

Termed in French as la Sape - an acronym for the Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People - the fashion movement draws on the elegance, style and manners of colonial predecessor dandies in the Congo. 

Exuberance is key in the new watches, expressed through a roaring leopard print pattern which covers both the strap and the Roman numerals VI and XII. 

The emblematic Steampunk case in 50mm adds to the new model’s imposing look.

Unique to the Steampunk model, which features a self-winding Swiss-made mechanism, the dial is integrated into the movement. 

The different finishes and elements of the movement, such as the circular graining, the hex nuts and the pistons, give a true impression of depth to the dial. The leopard print, hand painted by Swiss craftsman André Martinez, offers a striking contrast with the raw elements of the timepiece and in particular with the structured bezel, made of oxidised steel with a black PVD coating.

This first model, limited to 25 pieces, is the essential accessory to face the urban jungle. A jewelled model, limited to 5 pieces only, is enhanced with a bezel in red gold and set with 286 diamonds.

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