Sun, Aug 13, 2017

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Diamond collections pay homage to love

Swiss jeweller de Grisogono has unveiled two collections that pay tribute to the beauty of the diamonds and are sculpted into “beautiful talismans of enduring love”. 

The collections testify to the passion uniting two individuals and to the powerful feeling that makes them unique, strong, joyful, fulfilled, beautiful, serene and quite simply alive, according to the brand’s founder and creative Director Fawaz Gruosi.

They include a new high jewellery diamond collection and the Melody of Diamonds collection, which builds on the dazzling boldness of the Melody of Colours collection launched in 2012. 

Melody of Diamonds showcases the Gruosi’s talent in playing with cuts, shapes and textures, as well as the manner in which he reinterprets classics through powerful shapes, pure compositions, unexpected combinations, voluptuous volumes and perfect proportions. 

This collection includes a ‘toi & moi’ ring set with two oval- or emerald-cut diamonds; a heart-shaped centre stone; dainty borders of sapphires, emeralds or rubies; alternating stone cuts that infuse creations with a melodious rhythm along with black rhodium plating profoundly accentuating the house’s chiaroscuro signature. 

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